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!! Attention
Development of this project has been suspended indefinitely.

10. April 2019.


The project has the usual story: I wanted to create and maintain a micro-blog but there was no good/minimal script/system to achieve this. At the time of writing this, the known open source protocols/services were pump.io 1, Tent and Friendica 2. They were working as intended however they offered too many options and code base was absurdly large for something trivial like micro-statuses.

Enter mi(cro)stat(uses). This is officially my first PHP project so this script is used for learning and testing purposes.


  • script is located in one php file and you need only that one file to create magic;
  • statuses are stored in plain text files (you can modify the extension, *.log is used by default);
  • enumeration and counting is using POSIX time format so there is, practically, no way for ordinary users to duplicate messages;
  • status backups are using ZipArchive PHP module. Path for storing backups can be modified by changing $STATUSES_DIR variable in script itself;
  • mistat is capable of detecting #hashtags and hyperlinks (including http, https, git, FTP, SFTP, SSH) ...;
  • you can change directory where statuses are being saved;
  • you can purge whole database with one command (variable $ENABLE_DB_CLEANUP allows activation via ?stat hyperlink);
  • creating a hash sums for entered status (the default hash method is md5). Completely useless but funny option;
  • simple design;
  • easy and readable code so that anyone can edit it.


The script is based on the goolog 3 by taylorchu


  1. https://github.com/pump-io  ↩︎

  2. https://friendi.ca/  ↩︎

  3. https://github.com/taylorchu/goolog - script is no longer online  ↩︎

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